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The Tharparkar district occurs in the south east of Sindh. It is believed to be one of the 29 districts of the Sindh Province of Pakistan. More than 90% of the people live in more than 200 villages. The Headquarters of the Thar is known as Mithi. A very large area of Tharparkar constitutes of the Thar Desert. The thari life is full of adventures for visitors where they explore the indigenous cultures, traditions and lifestyles. It’s a little paradise on earth. Visitors can meet and interact with community and enjoy local hospitality and enjoy the unique treasures. THARPARKAR WEATHER
Karoonjhar Mountains are situated in the city of Tharparkar. This is hill in the district near the place nagarparkar on the northern edge of the…
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Gori temple, situated situated at a distance of 14 miles north-west of Viravah, is about 125’ by 50 feet and similar is style as in…
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The Jaina temple at Verawah is about 15 miles north of Nagar Parkar. The temple is made of stone and consists of an open group…
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Naukot fort is situated about 1½ mile from the Naukot town, which lies on edge of the desert in District Thar. The fort is said…
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This mosque with white pillars in Bhodesar is a small marble and limestone structure near the pond embankment is built in 1436 AD. It was…
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