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Umerkot stands for the Fort of Umer. The town became prominent during the time of Mughals and later the British Rule. History narrates that The Mughal king Akbar was born in Umerkot, when his father Humayun fled from military defeat at the hands of Sher Shah Suri. However, a Hindu Sodha Rajput ruler of Umerkot at that time gave refuge to Humayun. A legendary folklore story of Umer and Marvi is also associated with Umerkot. Being the centre of ancient history and civilization, Umerkot has some historical sights of great significance, such as: Umerkot Fort, Archaeological Museum Umerkot and Akbar Birthplace. UMERKOT WEATHER
The Museum situated inside the Umerkot Fort was inaugurated on 24th February 1968. Subsequently the museum was expended and shifted in a new museum building…
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Umerkot, the fort of Umer as it means was found by Umer, the first king of the Soomro dynasty (1050-1350) A.D. the town has a…
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