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Historically, Matiari district holds the honour to be ruled over by one of the prominent dynasties such as the Soomras, the Summas, the Arghuns , the Kalhoras and the Talpurs at Sindh. At the time of independence of Pakistan, in 1947, district Matiari was a taluka of district Hyderabad until in 2005, when it was given the status of a district. Matiari district is famous for its unique culture and values. This region gave rise to a number of religious scholars, intellectuals, poets, who spread the essence of their knowledge all over the subcontinent. Matiari is the domain of famous Saint and religious poet of Sindh, Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai. MATIARI WEATHER
Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai (1689-1752) was a Sindhi Sufi scholar, mystic, saint, poet, philosopher, tourist and musician. He is widely considered to be one of…
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There is a museum at Bhitshah Culture Centre. Shah's Soormis and Surs like Sur Samoondi, Sur Wanjari, Sur Suhni Mehar, Sur Noori Jam Tamachi, Sur…
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It is an extensive graveyard dating back to the first half of the 19th century A.D. This graveyard is divided into two portions with a…
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