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Thatta city ostensibly reveals mystic lineages of the unique culture and tradition of Sindh. It is presumed as the Rome of Pakistan. Thatta is outlandish town, utterly 98 KM to the east of Karachi. It represents one of the fascinating architecture and historical monuments like Makli Hills, the largest necropolis in the world, which spreads over an area of 10 square km. The building at Makli seems increasingly apparent and the monument of imperceptible heritage. United Nations World heritage Site regards Makli Hill as unequivocal and exorbitant architecture as viewed on Tombs there. It accommodates approximately 500,000 tombs; each tomb is itself manifestation of this magnificent architecture. It is now reckoned as UNISCO Heritage Site. Despite the dereliction, however many historical accounts speak of how people’s dedication to the shrines never diminished. Another appealing monument which exist there is the mosque of Shah Jahan, which possess 100 domes also enlisted in the UNISCO heritage Site. Bhambhore is situated at the distance of 64 km towards the east of Karachi, in Hyderabad district of Sindh. It is located on the north bank of Gharo Creek, near Indian Ocean in Pakistan. Bhambhore represents the exemplary glimpse of grand cultural heritage. Bhambhore was the capital of a Chief Bamboo Raja around the 10th century and was named after him. Archaeological work reveals the distinguished impression from 1st to 13th century. The city is well known for the folk love story of legends Sussui and Punhon. Keenjhar Lake is also considered as the Kalri Lake. It is placed in district Thatta, Sindh. Keenjhar Lake is at distance of 122 km from Karachi. The lake stretched out 24 km in length and 6 km in width. Roughly its depth from the surface can be measured as 26 feet. The Indus River flows adjoining to the Keenjhar Lake. This lake is one of the facets of the miracles of nature. Keenjhar Lake is the home to many species of birds, such as gees, cormorants, gulls, ducks, flamingos, coots and so forth. THATTA WEATHER
The tomb of Mriza Tughrail Beg (d.1679) and the canopy on the right of Jani Beg Tar Khan’s tomb deserve attentions for their elaborated construction.…
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Area: 0.47 acre The mausoleum of Mirza Jani Baig Tarkhan who had to submit to the invincible army of the great Mughal Emperor Akbar in…
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Area: 0.768 acre On the north of Mirza Baqi Baig’s tomb is situated the mausoleum of Isa Khan II’s Governor of Thatta under the Mughal…
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Area: 0.036 Acres The tomb of Mubarak Khan is situated in a quadrangle of high wall built in stone block. It stands in close proximity…
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Area: 0.36 acres The tomb of sister Fateh Khan is situated to the north east of mausoleum of Mubarak Khan which is in a ruined…
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Area: 0.3 Acre The origin of the building is shrouded in obscurity. However, the structural features indicate that the building must have been constructed sometime…
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