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Sanghar district is one of the largest districts of Pakistan. It is located in the centre of Pakistan. The district capital, Sanghar is itself a small city roughly 35 miles south-east of the city Nawabshah and as the same distance to Mirpur Khas. Its population is around 1.9 million. Agriculture is the chief economic industry of this district. Sanghar has a unique place in the history of Pakistan, as it served as the Headquarter of Militant Freedom Fighters called “Hurs”. Hur movement started during Second World War, when British Rule was busy in fight against German Nazis and japan at various fronts. The land of Sanghar is also famous due to legendary story of Suhni Mehar, famous spiritual poet Manthar Faqir Rajar Khipro, Famous Sindh Scholar Dr. Nabi Bux Baloch, famous Sindhi classical singer Ustad MAnzoor Ali Khan. Sanghar is a famous due to sports, famous wrestlers namely Janib Shah Dado, Sheedi Mashook Bugti, Mojan Khan Laghari, M.Siddique Thahim, Mevo Khan Moj, Khair Mohammad Khaskheli are popular. SANGHAR WEATHER
These two grave-yards of Talpur Mir’s which are known as Qubba Mir’s Shahdad have 8 stone pavilion tombs, 3 brick mosques two mausoleums with curvilinear…
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Ancient city Mansura, which served as the first important stronghold of Muslim on the soil of sub-continent if located about 18 kilometers south east of…
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It is and extensive graveyard dating back to the first half of the 19th century A.D. in which the main grave is of Mir Shahdad.…
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