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Thursday, 23 May 2024
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Larkana is the 17th largest city in Pakistan. It is located at 40 miles to the south of district Shikarpur and 36 miles to the northeast of district Dadu. The historical name of Larkana was Chandka. Larkana was given the status of district during the British Rule. Larkana city put forth its political, cultural and economic importance during the era of Kalhoras between 1701 to 1783. Larkana has the privilege of being one of the oldest civilizations of the world, the Indus Valley Civilization. Mohen jo Daro `the mound of Dead``is designated as UNESCO world Heritage Sites are located 32 km away from the city centre on the west bank of Indus River. LARKANA WEATHER
Well-proportioned white Brahmani Bull rendered in bas-relief engrosses the attention of every on looker to the magnanimous museum building carried adroitly on few pillars and…
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Area: 0.6 Acre The square tower locally known as Miranjo tower is situated 15 kilometers north-east of Taluka and District headquarters of Larkana and about…
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The Tajjar building a small but an impressive brick structure 42’x42’ is located close to the south east of Town Hall inside the Jinnah Bagh…
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Mohen Jo daro is located in the Larkano District of Sindh, Pakistan, on a Pleistocene ridge in the middle of the flood plain of the…
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Area: 7.24 Acres This is a group of Mound three of even four in number. They lie north-west to the village Dhamrao, six miles from…
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Area: 33.98 Acres About six miles north-west of Larkana on Larkana Waghan road the well known mound of Jhukar are situated on the right side…
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