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Thursday, 04 June 2020
Friday, 05 June 2020
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Karachi is the capital and the metropolis city of Sindh. It is the stock and trade of Pakistan. It is located on the eastern coastline of the Arabian Sea. It is one of the revenue generating hubs of the nation. It is also bestowed with the largest seaport in the county. Karachi populace is remarked as different strokes due to their liveliness and busy life round the clock. The pace of life is more hurried and social norms are far more liberal than elsewhere in Pakistan. Karachi city is also remembered as the City of Lights and the City of Quaid and the city that never sleeps. Karachi is an enormous city and gets hands on many attractive sites to amuse one, such as museums, colonial buildings, landmarks, beeches, islands, parks, wildlife clubs, shopping malls and many other mesmerizing tourist points. Karachi is a city of never ending festivity. KARACHI WEATHER
Frere Hall Karachi (198' x 17') The Frere Hall is the most notable building in Karachi. The hall was constructed in 1863, to commemorate the…
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(Plot: 1215M, Plot 2233M) The Khaliq Dina Hall was erected on Bunder Road in Karachi and opened in 1906. There is one spacious hall for…
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The two-storey building of Wazir Mansion is of colonial period standing solemnly on New Neham Road (now Haji Sharif Balwani Road), off M.A. Jinnah Road…
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Tombs at Chaukundi Graveyard- Karachi Chaukundi tombs are situated at a distance of 29 km (18 miles) in the east on N-5 National Highway near…
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