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Soonda Graveyard, Thatta

Area: 52.38 acres

Village Sonda situated about 20-22 miles from Thatta along main road to Hyderabad was founded according to Mir Ali Shair Qane author of Tuhfat-ul-Karam, by Jam Tamachi in 3rd quarter of fourteenth century A.D. It is said that there lived a saint here before the town was founded. The saint was very fond of Rag Sondra and the village derives its origin from the name of this Rag.

The village was respected by Muslims as a noble family of saints known as Makhdums lived there. Names of Makhdum Ramzan Vedani, mula Ari, Mula Bayazid and Mula Abu Bakar are well renowned for their pious living. The graves of these saintly personalities situated in the graveyard were very often visited by the common people. But not many of these graves have survived the cruel hands of time. Whatever little is left of the decorations both in geometrical patterns as well as in human representation in the shape of carving on yellowish stone is however, remarkable. Human representations on these graves are one of the unique features of the tombs.

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