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Baloch Graveyard (Lakho Shaikh) Karachi

This graveyard is situated in Malir district Karachi, located near Memon Goth in Goth Hashim Jokhio. The Baluch Tombs graveyard was developed by those who were roaming in Maheer area. It came into existence when the earlier non-regular graves, scattered in that area attained uniformity of design. This acquisition of uniform features initiated the artisan in an art form which went on to develop greatly.

Later, the Kalmati Maliks while expanding their influence shifted their seat of power to this area and were buried here. This fact must have ushered in the need of grandeur to be depicted in stone. The graveyard shows its emergence; the structure acquired chambers and was enriched with exquisite carving, perfectly rendered.

The neighbouring Chaukandi graveyard seems to have followed the mature structure; there is hardly any evidence to suggest that the formative period practice was ever carried over in this graveyard. The crude graves are abruptly replaced with the mature classical structures. Very few intervening cut arch and early classical graves could be found. The late classical and early Transit periods is richly represented here. Both these graveyards were enriched greatly during classical and late classical periods as is said, due to rivalry between Kalmati and Jokhia tribes.

In Baluch Tombs, classical and common chamber graves have many Kalmati Maliks buried underneath. Minimum variation in the design indicates towards possibility of construction of these graves within a limited span of time. The archaeological evidence is credited with a tradition that tells about the outbreak of an epidemic in the area, which claimed several lives. The similar construction of these graves denotes nearness in time. As the story goes, due to the then epidemic "Small Pox", Maliks also died one after the other; popular imagination has correlated that incident with the curse of a holy man, who was denied of a favour.


Tutai Chaukandi, the Chaukandi of Malik Tuta, is generally believed to have been constructed in the same time span as was the one constructed over Jam Mureed bin Haji. At least the Jokhias believe as such. But the Kalmatis have a clear indication in one of the incidence that it was Malik Zardar, who caused the Chaukandi to be erected over Tuta's grave. According to the tradition, Malik Zardar, in response to a sarcastic remark, vowed to construct a stone-carved grave along with the Chaukandi over his uncle. This makes it clear that the Tuta Chaukandi is at least fifty years earlier than the one at Chaukandi graveyard. Similar structures are found at Mandiari and Tonda, but are, unfortunately in ruins. A closer look at these may reveal some useful information. The mode of construction of these Chaukandi is visibly the same; set over a square platform, pillars positioned in circle proudly carry somewhat conical dome.

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