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Hingorani Mariyoon, Tando Fazal - Hyderabad

Area: 142.22 Acres

Hingoro road Goaro is situated eighteen miles east of Hyderabad Sindh near the village Tando Fazal. The site is not easily approachable. There is a regular bus service from Hyderabad to Makhan Mohri which is twelve miles from Hyderabad. From Makhan Mohri there starts a zigzag desert route which leads to Hingoro Road – distant six miles from Mahan Mohri. Only jeep can go easily upto the site.

The existing site of Hingoro Road covers an area of about one square mile. Manyy unscientific diggings have been made at various places which have spoiled the original feature of the site. It contains now a few ruined buildings and several fragments of high walls scattered all over the site which indicate that there had been a number of magnificent buildings here in the days or its splendor.

A grand mosque built of old types of bricks and plastered with lime. It contains a large prayer chamber by three domes, the interior of which is ornamented with floral designs. The area of the chamber measure 46’-9”x18’ from inside. The width of  its eastern wall is 3 feet and that of northern and southern walls is 4’-6”. There are three aches in the western wall near the ‘minbar’. These are adorned with floral designed tiles. The wall also contains three entrances – the central one being 7’-6’ wide while the eastern are only 3’.6” wide. The northern and southern wall possesses one door – above the each door kalimah-i-Tayyaba is inscribed in elegant naksh style on the wall.

It is interesting to note that the northern wall of the prayer chamber is supplied with a stair-case which has been adjusted skillfully within the space of the wall.

The mosque also contains a vast courtyard but its boundary walls have been ruined. Only the fragments of the eastern wall are extant.

There is a vast open space (with diggings at several spots) adjacent to the mosque in the north, surrounded by high walls with window, remains of additional chambers, and a square Hujrah with one door on each side. It is roofed by a single dome and is in good condition. These remains clearly indicate that a good “Madrassa” was attached to the mosque.

At a distance of about for furlongs from the Grand Mosque and on a heap about 30 feet high from the present level of the ground exists another mosque with a prayer chamber only. No other portion of it is noticeable at mosque. Even the interior decoration resembles that of the former. There is slight difference of course as regards the area of the chamber and width of the wall. The main entrance of the prayer chamber has been blocked by later brick masonry not known for what chamber has been blocked.

A single domed tomb, plastered with lime contains only one entrance. The interior of the tomb is lavishly decorated with floral designs resembling with the decoration of the mosques. It is square built measuring 11’.3” x 11’.3”.

A close study of these monuments show that the tomb indeed had been a magnificent one in its prime. It most probably belonged to the period of Mir rulers of Sindh.

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