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Saturday, 16 October 2021
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Jukhar Mound, Larkana

Area: 33.98 Acres

About six miles north-west of Larkana on Larkana Waghan road the well known mound of Jhukar are situated on the right side of the road just opposite the Allied Taxtile Mills. The site was visited early in 1928 by late Mr.N.G.Majumdar, who commenced a tentative investigation of the two mounds situated here. These preliminary investigations yielded pottery and other objects belonging to several cultures. In the lower levels remains characteristics of the Harappa period were found out above them lay other buildings as late as Jhukar. Still hither up the mound, evidences of third culture the Indo-Sassanians first come to light. From the third trench Majumdar was able to excavate hoard of 250 coins some of which belong to Kushana king Vasudeva and his successors while the other belong to the period of later Kushana of the 5th Century A.D. Terracotta sealings bearing Gupta characters of the 5th Centuy A.D. and a unique seal with Pahlavi characters were also recoverd.

Thus the mounds at Jhukar are of a great Archaeological and historical importance, which have yielded remains from the period of Moenjodaro down to the 5th century A.D. These Mounds however, are not appear to be of a much less importance in the pre-historic times than the Moenjodaro was.

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