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Karoonjhar Mountains

Karoonjhar Mountains are situated in the city of Tharparkar. This is hill in the district near the place nagarparkar on the northern edge of the Runn of Kutch. It contains granite rocks and Chinese clay. The Karoonjhar range is 19 km in length and attains a height of 305 m. Karoonjhar Mouantains are rich in mineral deposits. The Karunjhar was famously known as Kinro. The Mountain Range has several places of historical importance, like Bhodeser talao, Alakh wao (hidden well), Anchlechure, Sardaro, Gao Mukhi.

Additional Info

  • District: Tharparkar
  • Visit hours: 24 Hours
  • Virtual Tour:
  • Google map:
  • Weather at site: NAGARPARKAR WEATHER
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