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Kai Valley

Kai Valley is situated at a distance of 40 kms from Sehwan Sharif. District Jamshoro.The Kai valley is towards the southern part of the Sehwan Sharif in Kirthar Mountain Range. Kai valley presents a picturesque panorama on both sides of the road. Kai Valley is one of the rare solitary landscape, which sees majority of tourist. It gives the impression as if the hills were once underneath sea level because there are noticeable signs of erosion from the water waves. The track leading to these caves is a bit narrow but apparent, with the help of signs available there. The lower site frequently called as “Satt Ghariyoon” (Seven Caves), is towards the east of the village Muhammad Khan Noohani, situated near a mountainous water stream. However the upper site stretches out towards the southern part of the village. At its apex the upper part is enveloped by an ancient compound wall of stones. The remains of ancient hamlets and terracotta pottery have been discovered from this hilly part. The pottery belonged to the olden Indus Valley Civilization and the caves to the Stone Age. There are 4 prominent and prehistoric sites here at Kai Valley, namely: Bulo –ji –Buthi, Nuku- Buthi , Kai-Buthi and Naing (a charismatic small oasis in Sindh Province). Lots of visitors come round to visit these prehistoric sites. A beautiful rest house has been established with basic amenities, to accommodate the visitors travelling to Sehwan Sharif and Panjatan Bagh.

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  • District: Jamshoro
  • Visit hours: 24 Hours
  • Virtual Tour:
  • Google map:
  • Weather at site: SEHWĀN WEATHER
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